SV Archives

Over the past 30 years, the following singers have appeared with Scottish Voices.


Alice Dumas, Alison McNeill, Amanda Morrison, Catherine Pope, Frances Morrison-Allen, Lisa Swayne, Fiona Wilkie, Katrina Nimmo, Lucy Anderson, Wilma MacDougall, Susan Hamilton, Emma Morwood, Rachel Thomas, Nicola Corbishley, Julia Daramy-Williams, Felicity Hammond, Sally Carr, Myrna Tennant, Harim Oh.


Dorcas Owen, Grace Wain, Laura Margaret Smith, Anne Lewis, Taylor Wilson, Lynn Bellamy, Beth Taylor, Ruth Kiang, Marie-Louise Edmondson, Emma Versteeg, Emilie Alford, Lea Shaw, Frances Cooper


Ted Black, Liam Bonthrone, Matthew McKinney, George Revill


Pedro Davoli Ometo, Will Frost, Tambet Kikas

Accompanists have included the following:


Helen Thomson, Sharron Griffiths, Jacqueline Pollauf, Ina Zdorovetchi, Zuzanna Olbryś


Anna Mavromatidi, Annini Tsiouti, Lauryna Sableviciute, Kerry Yong, Lynda Cochrane, Anne Robertson, Jennifer McNamara, Yelena Beriyeva, Helena Cheong, Toni James


Kevin Bowyer, David Hamilton


Stuart Semple, Glynn Forrest, Joanne MacDowell

We are also indebted to a number of scholars who have assisted us with the translation, transliteration, and transcription of texts in various languages:

Frances Banciewicz, Emmanuela Ponti, Robin Munby, Costas Panyotakis, Kim Bastin, Jane Mallinson, Maite Gomez, Svetlana Zvereva, Luz Caceras, Sophie Ramsdale, Joshua Robey, Hossein Masty, Juliet Haydock, Gilbert Macmillan

Here we also accumulate documents and photos from past events (material forthcoming).