Scottish Voices

Ravello CDs

A listing of Scottish Voices recordings:

 for the Ravello label (United States):

 The tracks with attached numbers have already been recorded; the recordings of the other tracks are in the pipeline.

Ravello CD with electro-acoustics or organ, plus obbligato instruments

01_Graham Hair: Colours (to be recorded January 2020)

02_Nicky Hind: The Well

03_Bruce Mahin: Sonnetas

04_Alistair MacDonald: Salutation

05_Tom Hall: The Map has been barely marked

06_Jonathan Stephens: The Guarding of the God of Life

07_Jonathan Stephens: Paean

08_Bruce Mahin: Melancholy Sonnet (being edited)

09_Graham Hair: Lament for Hagia Sophia

10_Edward McGuire: Celtic Knotwork

Obbligato-ists: Zusanna Olbrys (harp), David Hamilton (positif organ), Glynn Forrest (vibraphone), Sharron Griffiths (harp), Robert Sandell (vibraphone)

Ravello CD with piano

01_Margaret McAllister: Wendung

02_Hans Gal: Drei Lieder

03_Hamish MacCunn: Songs of Love and Longing

04_Graham Hair: Mediterranean Duets

05_Bruce Mahin: Petites Sonates #1 and #2

06_Cornelius Cardew: Father Murphy, Red Flag

Prelude Yehudi Wyner: O to be a dragon

Graham Hair: Mediterranean Trios & Quartets

Bruce Mahin: Louise McNeill Song Cycle

Ravello CD of Sacred Music

01_Judith Shatin: Selah

02_John Gormley: Spiritus Domini

03_ Jonathan Stephens: Laudate Dominum

04_Razia Sultanova: Persian Ghazals

Graham Hair: Seven Words

Iain Galbraith: A Glasgow Orgelbüchlein

Larry Bell: Viderunt Omnes and Mass a 6

John Bell: Psalms

Obbligato-ists: Michael Sluman (oboe/cor-anglais/bass-oboe), David Hamilton (positif organ)

Ravello CD with Two Pianos and Percussion

  • Graham Hair: Into the South

  • Graham Hair: The Flow of Occurence

Ravello CD with Harp

  • 01_Graham Hair: O Venezia, Part 2

  • 02_Nicky Hind: The Joyous

  • 03_Kendall Kennison: White River Junction

  • Graham Hair: O Venezia, Parts 3 and 4

  • Nicky Hind: HarpersFerry

Ravello CD with String Quartet

  • Graham Hair: Ecstasy and Enlightenment

  • Margaret McAllister: The Gentle

Obbligato-ists: The Borromeo Quartet (Quartet in residence at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston).

Ravello CD with Percussion

  • Graham Hair: Hebridean Verses

  • Nicky Hind: The Gentle

  • Graham Hair: Latin American Carols

  • Janet Beat: Miranda’s Enchanted Island

  • Katy Cooper: Carols with tuned percussion

  • Katrina Burton: Canzona for voice and marimba

  • Electra Perivolaris: Cantata for voice and marimba

  • Sally Beamish: Emily Dickinson Songs

Obbligato-ists: Glynn Forrest, Phil Hague, Colin Hyson, Patrick Nolan, Jonathan Chapman, David Kerr (percussion), Annini Tsiouti (piano).