SV Repertoire

Because of the particular and distinctive makeup and character of the Scottish Voices ensemble, most of the repertoire which we perform and record is unique to us. A general idea of its character can be gained from repertoire which has been previously been performed or recorded for issue on CD or is commissioned and forthcoming. A more precise idea of this repertoire can be gained from the media/audio, media/video and media/scores pages of this website and we are in the process of uploading more examples there. Below we give a listing of some of these pieces: the majority written especially for us. They include:

Margaret McAllister Wendung
Graham Hair Mediterranean Songs
Bruce Mahin Melancholy Sonnet
Nicky Hind The Gentle
Nicky Hind The Joyous
Cornelius Cardew Father Murphy
Cornelius Cardew Red Flag Prelude
Iain Galbraith A Glasgow Orgelb├╝chlein
Larry Bell Viderunt Omnes
John Bell Psalms
Judith Shatin Selah
John Gormley Spiritus Domini
Graham Hair Seven Words
Graham Hair Avvon d’Bishmaya
Jonathan Stephens Laudate Dominum
Greg Schiemer Vedic Mass
Graham Hair Sufi Fragments
Graham Hair Sufi Couplets
Graham Hair O Venezia
Jim Dalton Blake Fragments

Occasionally we have also performed historical pieces, such as chamber canatatas by 17th-century Italian composer Luigi Rossi, early 20th-century works by Hamish MacCunn and Hans Gal, and Robert Carver’s 16th-century Mass for Three Voices. In addition, there are also a few “multi-cultural” works from immigrant communities (eg Uzbeck and Persian Ghazals and Mexican Christmas Carols) and recent pieces from popular culture including from the “Great American Songbook” tradition (Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Vernon Duke, Richard Rogers, Stephen Sondheim et al) and other related American traditions