Our SV_Sacred Music Project is an on-going project to perform and record new works from a diverse range of sacred music traditions, East and West, North and South. These settings sometimes use the original languages of those traditions (ancient and modern) and sometimes they use translations into English (where the originals are in languages other than English).

The calligraphic image below is by Glasgow-resident artist Jawdat Khadim Kaiby. There is a demonstration of the calligraphic art by the artist on our video page. This image will be featured on the first of our sacred music CDs (production in the pipeline as of 2021).

Songs on Texts of Rumi

By Margaret McAllister

Four Songs for mezzo-soprano and cello. Texts in the English Translations of Coleman Barks.

  • 1 What I Want
  • 2 Clear and Still
  • 3 These Two Insomnias
  • 4 This Candle-flame Instant

The photos below are of Taylor Wilson (mezzo-soprano) and Mark Bailey (cellist), recording Margaret McAllister’s Songs on Texts of Rumi in the Renfield Centre, Bath Street, Glasgow, on November 20, 2020.