The SV “Voices & Percussion” Project

The Scottish Voices “voices and percussion” project is in process of construction, in collaboration with Darren Gallacher (Glasgow-based percussionist). The compositions which are in process of being composed and/or commissioned and/or performed and/or recorded in the course of this project are listed in the panel which follows…..

Darren is assembling a team of five other percussionists for this project, to create “The Scottish Percussion Ensemble”.

The SV “Voices & Percussion” Project

Scottish Voices with Darren Gallacher & The Scottish Percussion Ensemble

  • Janet Beat: Miranda’s Enchanted Island

  • Katy Cooper: Where the Stars are Led

  • Katrina Burton: ‘…every day is a beautiful day…’

  • Electra Perivolaris: Isola

  • John Gormley: Hayl oure patron and lady of erthe

  • Graham Hair: Creation

  • Graham Hair: Hebridean Verses