The SV “Voices & Percussion” Project

The Scottish Voices “voices and percussion” project is in process of construction, in collaboration with Glynn Forrest (Glasgow-based musician and software developer). The compositions which are in process of being composed and/or commissioned and/or performed and/or recorded in the course of this project are listed in the panel which follows…..

Glynn studied timpani and percussion at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and graduated with MMus and BMus degrees in 2013. He now plays music professionally with a variety of orchestras, ensembles, and bands. He has assembled a team of five other percussionists for this project, to create “The Scottish Percussion Ensemble”: Glynn Forrest, Phil Hague, Colin Hyson, Patrick Nolan, Jonathan Chapman and David Kerr.

Glynn is also the director of Backbeat Technologies, a software company that provides full-stack web development, cloud infrastructure, digital strategy, and legacy code refactoring services. He has two software products in the course of development in this second career: the Perform application toolkit, a collection of software bundles to develop complex web applications easily; and BackupsHQ, a backups abstraction layer and dashboard for software professionals.

The SV “Voices & Percussion” Project

Scottish Voices with Glynn Forrest & The Scottish Percussion Ensemble

  • Janet Beat: Miranda’s Enchanted Island

  • Katy Cooper: Where the Stars are Led

  • Katrina Burton: ‘…every day is a beautiful day…’

  • Electra Perivolaris: Isola

  • John Gormley: The Revelations of Julian of Norwich

  • Graham Hair: Creation

  • Graham Hair: Hebridean Verses