A listing of Scottish Voices recordings  for the Tall Poppies label (Australia):

 The tracks with attached numbers have already been recorded; recordings of the other tracks are in the pipeline.

  • 01_Graham Hair: Three Sufi Fragments
  • 02_Graham Hair: Three Sufi Couplets
  • 03_Celil Refik Kaya: Kürdilihicazkar Saz Semaisi
  • 04_Christopher Charles: Barong Dances With Atlas
  • 05_Graham Hair: Avvon d’Bishmaya
  • Claudi Menneghin: Neo-baroque Pieces
  • Jim Dalton: Blake Fragments
  • Greg Schiemer: Vedic Mass

Obbligato instrumentalists: Tolgahan Cogulu (guitar)